These online demos illustrate the different options available in the pool. Note that in the demos, you may update the sample players' entry forms but any other updates will be rejected.

Demo Logins

You can log into the demos as either the Administrator or one of the sample players using the following passwords:

Admin:   admin
All other users:   touchdown

Demo 1
This demo shows the pool in mid-season. In addition to the weekly pool, the margin pool is active.

Demo 2
This demo shows the pool in the midst of the playoffs. Picks are made against the spread, both in the weekly pools and the playoffs. The survivor pool was also played, set up to eliminate players after two incorrect picks with no buybacks permitted.

Demo 3
This demo shows the pool at the end of the season, after all the pools (including postseason pools) have been concluded. Confidence points were used for scoring in the weekly and playoffs pick'm pools. Also, a combination survivor/margin pool was played, with players permitted make up to two buybacks into the survivor pool.